Made to order tees/sweatshirts

All of our bleached and hand dyed shirts are custom made. Every single one is unique to the shirt. No two shirts will be the same. that’s what makes these shirts so fun! You will always have a one of kind. The leopard print on our shirts are hand stenciled. Yes BY HAND. These will never be crisp or perfectly edged out. They will never be in the same exact spot as other shirts. They will have rough edge, possible splatters, and over spray- this is part of the "grunge" stencil effect. They are unique to the shirt. With bleaching, there will be spots where the bleach doesn’t lift all the way, or “bleed through”, shadowed areas, or areas lifted slightly, that’s completely normal as it’s part of the bleaching process and the beauty of the process.
If you’re wanting perfectly lined, perfect crisp leopard spots, perfectly bleached, spotless shirts- these are definitely not for you. These are made by hand not a machine- we have screen printed shirts that will give you that perfectly printed tee.
TAT: when you check out, there is a terms and condition you have to agree too in order to check out- this discusses all things TAT. My TAT is no secret. We hand make each and every single item and hundreds a week so these take time. We don’t do simple designs here, we do designs that take a few days to make just one shirt bc of the step by step process.